World of Plants at Gardens by the Bay

The World of Plants at Gardens by the Bay is a collection of themed gardens and exhibits that showcase the diversity of the plant kingdom. 

Located within the larger Gardens by the Bay Park in Singapore, the World of Plants is a great place to learn about plants and the environment in a fun and interactive way.

Discover something new around every corner at the World of Plants. 

Venture into this realm of serene greenery and learn all about the spectacular tropical plants and the ecosystems they support.

Some facts about World of Plants Singapore

There are six themed gardens to explore at World of Plants at Garden by the Bay.

With over 24,500 plants, there is an abundance of flora to discover and appreciate.

Cycads are at the Discovery Park within the World of Palms, and the Double Coconut Palm is also present here. 

Experience the life of Trees

Experience what it takes for a tree to survive and thrive in the tropical climate of Singapore by entering an actual tree structure. 

Learn about the challenges trees face and how they overcome them to become towering green giants.

Understorey at World of Plants

Understorey provides an opportunity to learn about decomposers, which are often overlooked despite their vital role in the ecosystem. 

These organisms thrive in damp and dark conditions and help break down organic matter, such as dead leaves and flowers, producing essential nutrients for the ecosystem.

Web of Life comes live

Prepare to be amazed by the life-sized animal topiaries at the Web of Life, where you might encounter the likes of the “orangutan,” “pangolin,” and “hornbill.” 

These impressive sculptures are intricately woven from fig, a plant species well-represented in this garden with a diverse range of varieties such as the Banyan Tree and Broad Leaf Fig.

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