Gardens by the Bay light show

The Gardens by the Bay Light Show is a mesmerizing spectacle that takes place every night in Singapore’s iconic Gardens by the Bay. 

This nightly event showcases the beauty of the Gardens by the Bay’s Supertrees, which are towering vertical gardens that range from 25 to 50 meters tall. 

The Supertrees are equipped with an intricate lighting system that illuminates them in a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, choreographed to music. 

Visitors can witness this captivating display of light and sound from various viewpoints around the Gardens by the Bay and immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere created by this unique show.

Gardens Rhapsody

The Supertree Grove is the centerpiece of this futuristic garden, and the Light Show at Gardens by the Bay, also known as Garden Rhapsody, is a perfect way to experience the beauty and grandeur of these unique structures. 

The Light Show is a multimedia spectacle that combines light, sound, and special effects to create a unique and immersive experience. 

It is a must-see for visitors to Gardens by the Bay and has become a popular tourist attraction in Singapore.

It features a variety of light effects, including laser beams, LED lights, and projected images. 

The Light Show is accompanied by a soundtrack that adds to the overall atmosphere and experience.

Timing of the Light Show

Gardens by the Bay Light Show time is at 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm, which takes place daily, with two shows held each evening.

Pricing of the Show

It is free to watch, and visitors can either stand in the Supertree Grove to watch the show or sit in the specially designed seats in front of the Supertrees. 


The Light Show is a beautiful and captivating display of light and color choreographed to music. 

Overall, the Light Show is a unique and breathtaking display of light and sound that will leave a lasting impression.

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Featured Image: Miguel Sousa on Unsplash