Gardens by the Bay entry ticket

A Gardens by the Bay entry ticket provides visitors access to one of the most popular attractions in Singapore. 

With this ticket, visitors can explore the expansive gardens, which feature a variety of plant species from around the world. 

The Gardens by the Bay also boasts several stunning structures, including the iconic Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. 

The admission ticket to Garden by the Bay allows visitors to experience the beauty of the gardens at their own pace and enjoy the light show at night.

Overall, the admission ticket to Gardens by the Bay is a must-have for any nature lover or tourist visiting Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay Entry Ticket: Direct Entry

Singapore’s botanical wonderland, Gardens by the Bay, features a mini-city of lush greenery and is home to the world’s largest Flower Dome.

With this Gardens by the Bay admission ticket, view the changing displays of international flowers and the towering, plant-covered structures of the Rhapsody that lights up at night. 

Step into the Cloud Forest and be transported to a mountaintop ecosystem with ferns, orchids, and a stunning 35-meter waterfall.

What’s Included:

  • Admission to Flower Dome
  • Admission to Cloud Forest
  • Admission to Outdoor Common Grounds 
  • Admission to Children’s Garden
  • Skip-the-line Tickets to Flower Dome & Cloud Forest

Ticket Prices:

For Non-Singapore Resident

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price (S$)
Adults (13 to 99 years)S$ 36
Children (3 to 12 years)S$ 27
Infants (Up to 2 years)Free Entry

For Singapore Resident

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price (S$)Discount availed
13+ yearsS$ 25S$ 11
Children (3 to 12 years)S$ 20S$ 7
Infants (Up to 2 years)Free EntryFree entry

Tickets for Floral Fantasy

Experience the stunning beauty of Floral Fantasy at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, where you’ll find four captivating garden landscapes. 

This sweet-scented attraction is home to 15,000 upside-down flowers, poison dart frogs, and more. 

The Waltz, Dance, Float and Drift zones are kept at a comfortable 23ºC – 25ºC temperature, where you can admire flowering plants as they sway from the ceiling. 

Discover the garden guardian, Nobu and his 9 fairy friends hiding among the flowers, wander into a cave-like area surrounded by terraced rock formations.

Enjoy a walk in an oasis-like atmosphere with a waterfall of flowers, it’s a true fantasy garden come alive.

What’s Included:

  • Admission to Floral Fantasy
  • Skip-the-line Floral Fantasy Tickets

For Non-Singapore Resident

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price (S$)
Adult (13 to 99 years)S$ 10
Children (3 to 12 years)S$ 6
Infant (Up to 2 years)Free Entry

For Singapore Resident

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price (S$)Discount availed
Adult (13 to 99 years)S$ 8S$ 2
Children (3 to 12 years)S$ 5S$ 1
Infant (Up to 2 years)Free EntryFree entry

Note: Singapore Resident Child Ticket discount can be availed only when purchased in combination with the Singapore Adult Ticket.

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