Floral Fantasy at Gardens by the Bay

Floral Fantasy at Gardens by the Bay is a beautiful and immersive floral exhibit and one of the most popular places to visit in Singapore.

The exhibit features a wide variety of flowers and plants arranged in stunning displays that showcase the beauty and diversity of the plant kingdom.

Floral Fantasy in Singapore provides an enchanting retreat with imaginative floral arrangements and suspended bouquets. 

Visitors can wander through a meandering space that transitions between various garden landscapes. 

Additionally, guests can visit a vivarium home to tiny poison dart frogs in a range of beautiful colors.

Some Facts about Floral Fantasy at Gardens by the Bay

The Floral Fantasy in Singapore covers an area of 1,500 square meters.

The temperature in Floral Fantasy ranges from 23°C to 25°C.

More than 15,000 fresh-cut, dried, and preserved blooms are hanging from Floral Fantasy’s ceiling.

AR Adventure at Floral Fantasy

The Lost Fairy is a collaborative augmented reality storytelling project developed by the Singapore Tourism Board, set in the Gardens by the Bay’s Floral Fantasy. 

The experience follows the story of Aerin, a fairy who gets lost in the garden after a typhoon incident separates her from her family. Visitors can join this adventure and meet various unique and captivating characters who will assist them in reuniting Aerin with her family. 

Completing missions during the visit to Floral Fantasy will reward visitors with a 15% dining voucher from Hopscotch.

ASMR experience

If you’re looking for a relaxing ASMR experience, head over to Float, where you can listen to the peaceful sound of a babbling brook while admiring the beautiful fuchsias above. 

In this section, visitors can meet Nobu, the caretaker who oversees the plants. One may even spot Nobu’s nine fairy companions hiding among the flowers if one is observant enough.

Drift inside Floral Fantasy

Escape to the final garden landscape in Floral Fantasy, called Drift, which is a cave-like space surrounded by terraced rock formations. 

Here, visitors can discover more than 50 fascinating plant species from Central and South America, as well as begonias, huperzine, and orchids that are softly illuminated with gentle lighting.

Ticket Pricing 

Please note that the ticket for Floral Fantasy needs to be purchased separately. 

It is not included in the regular admission ticket to Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. 

To purchase the ticket for Floral Fantasy click here.

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